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Vertical Concrete has been around for years. You have probably seen examples in Zoos, Theme Parks, and Aquariums across the world. It is the "go-to" application for these projects because of its versatility and ability to stand the test of time. Verticrete Designs makes it possible to have a similar environment in your home. Whether it be a pool grotto with a slide, a retaining wall made to look like mountain stone, an outdoor kitchen, boulder for landscaping, fireplace, or a wine CAN be done with vertical concrete. Vertical concrete has the versatility to emulate landscapes in nature. While on vacation you might have seen a beautiful stone fireplace that you wanted in your home......WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. Always wanted to have a wine cellar in your home with stone walls but didn't think you could do it?...........WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Verticrete Designs uses Kirtbag Carving Mix. It can be applied right over any existing wall in your home without the worry, mess, and time of having to pour footings. We can also custom design pieces to fit any space and budget. Give us a call or email us to get started on your custom, one of a kind environment inside or outside your home.

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